RockLove Jewelry Announces the Fraser Stag Brooch Inspired by Outlander

Outlander Fans Asked for it on Social Media and now RockLove Jewelry's Fraser Stag Brooch is Available just in time for the Season 2 Premiere.

​​​After a sneak peek at the Fraser Stag Brooch last month via social media, RockLove Jewelry has answered the fan’s demands and is proud to announce the brooch is for sale on their website ( Coinciding with the premiere of Outlander Season 2 on STARZ on April 9th, 2016, the brooch is sure to be a fan favorite and keepsake.

Fans will remember this passage from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon:

"RockLove's new Outlander brooch is perfect for all sassenachs."

Alicia Lutes, Managing Editor,

“A bearskin cloak, to be exact, fastened at the neck with a silver-gilt brooch as large as the palm of my hand. It was made in the shape of two leaping stags, backs arched and heads meeting to form a circle. The locking pin was a short, tapered fan, the head of it shaped like the tail of a fleeing deer.” - Chapter 36, Outlander.

Inspired by the prose of author Diana Gabaldon, RockLove designer Allison Hourcade explains:

“I've always dreamed of translating the Fraser Stag Brooch in the historical pen-annular style for knits, shawls, cloaks, and kilts!”

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, the brooch spans over one and a half inches in diameter. Two Celtic knot-work stags bound within their border, antlers and limbs intricately entwined.  The white-tail stick pin encircles and slides along the narrower top of the brooch so that it remains secure while adding the brooch to your favorite garment.

Oxidized and re-polished to enhance the depth and traditional cutout detailing, the sterling Fraser Stag Brooch arrives in RockLove’s signature Outlander: The Series jewelry box. ​This beautiful brooch is available NOW for purchase:

Featured on, managing editor Alicia Lutes had this to say about the Fraser Stag Brooch: “RockLove’s new Outlander brooch is perfect for all sassenachs.”

Beyond the Fraser Stag Brooch, RockLove’s collection of Outlander official merchandise includes a crowned thistle necklace, Craig Na Duh inspired necklace, earrings, and more. For more information and how to purchase visit:

RockLove celebrates lost art forms, gothic architecture, exotic destinations, and the belief that your jewelry's back-story should be as interesting as your own. RockLove, an independent New York City jewelry label, incorporates rock 'n roll edge with historical inspirations and world travel. Each piece is hand cast in sterling silver or artisan brass - with designs crafted by the artists herself or molded from one-of-a-kind authentic relics ranging from the Viking to Victorian Age. After an old-world apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer/jeweler Allison Hourcade fused her love of historical eras and silversmithing to develop RockLove, making it her full time passion and career in 2008. For more information about RockLove please contact Method Agency and visit

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